Islamic Cleric Alfunlany has taken to social media to blast Alfa and Muyideen for speaking ill of hid helper Pastor Agbala Gabriel.


Islamic Cleric Alfunlany said that Muyideen was not a Muslim, it is now tha we all now know that He converted to Islam that is good, but what he and is mother is saying about Pastor Agbala Gabriel is it good.


Muyideen, am happy that you converted to Islam, but that doesn’t mean you should come online and speak badly about Agbala Gabriel. He will always be a helper.

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Many netizens react to his outburst.

Abidemi wrote”: Muideen is saying nothing but the truth, can he be blamed for telling the truth?

Funmi lola wrote: I prayed make my helpers no see this kind of Muideen 🙏🙏

David Daniel wrote: Muyideen GBA Islam, does that change the prices of goods in the market. We have more than one million and one Nigerian poor who are ready to accept Islam if you can change their lives just the way Agbala Gabriel did for Muyideen. Alabosi ni gbogbo yin.

Geetwo geetwo wrote: Were are the Muslim brothers when he was on the street suffering

David ayinla wrote: Good talk sir may God be with you, but what I see is that this ungrateful man we also do the same thing he did to pastor agba Gabriel to anybody that  help him again

Ayomide ayomi wrote: Because he come from ungrateful family

Falayo wrote: Not only building house, Agbala build shop too and stock it up with phone accessories those putting words into  muyideen mouth are not helpful matters, alabosi ni won

Ayola wrote: Mr man is now that you people know muhideen and his a Muslim before in aspects of his name

Gbenga dennis wrote: I will only anchor my comment on the Yoruba adage on “Alabosi”. Alabosi a ma kole, alabosi a ma bimbo, sugbon atun bo tan alabo si n ko…? We shall see how far about Muyideen and his sponsors. It’s a matter of time.

Aderemi Mustapha wrote: Alhaji you have said it all you have said the truth Allah blessed you sir

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