Yoruba Nollywood actress Ayonimofe Onibiyo, also known as Aolat, has joyfully announced the arrival of her second child, a boy, after facing numerous difficulties along the way.


The mother of two shared her painful journey, including a stillbirth, one miscarriage, and nearly losing her precious son due to fibroid-related issues.


Aolat disclosed that she endured a challenging nine-month pregnancy marked by pain and complications caused by fibroids, which often required bed rest.

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She also mentioned her frustration with some colleagues who couldn’t comprehend her struggles, and she tried reaching out to them, only to be ignored.

However she rejoiced having her son King Praise with her. In an extensive Instagram note, Aolat wrote;

“I survived Labour room 💃🏾

One still birth
One Miscarriage

God decided to put a big smile on my face

This is how it’s all started 😊 after so many things my husband and I have been through
sleepless nights, hospital appointments & all

Last December we just decided to leave everything into Gods hands & boom in January, God answered our silent prayers

January everything was fine i was so happy February I went to London,
we we’re already planning on how am going to give birth in US & few days after my stay in London I told my husband I’m having some pains I can’t even explain we were both worried in my mind I was thinking something else.
only thing I was thinking about is begging God tme safe and sound cause I’ve really suffered & been thr a whole lot,

So I to Nigeria went for my first scan & doctor said I’ve fibroid & it’s possible it’s affect the baby 😭 that was the genesis of the whole pains.

Did some test & they placed me on medication, I cried my eyes out cause after all this stress that I’ve been through
I did whole body test & fibroid didn’t show up so why now God ?

4 month into pregnancy stage to have a serious pains & I was rushed to the hospital again i thought it’s was over,
at this point the pains was unbearable for me

But God still show up for me as his favorite child , two doctors attended to me and I was told not to sleep with my left side as the fibroid is threatening the baby.

If you have fibroid with pregnancy you will understand what am talking about
The pain was severe
I hardly sleep , can’t sit or stand for too long , I went through hell but in all I kept praising God , because I know if I can make it to the fifth month then you are with me.

A lot of people were angry with me mostly some of my colleagues ,you all don’t have the idea of the pains I was going through,
I was fighting for my dear life

I managed to reached out to few people that I was sick but I was being ignored 😊

This really breaks my heart because I was in pains and these people were acting up

On shai baby’s dedication I was at the hospital Receiving treatment just to subside the pains I was going through.

I want to use this opportunity to thank my God Adeeda mi ,tio je ki ori mi gbabode & husband,oko mi , na Man U be , my kid sis @bestwigsandskincare my beloved daughter @mimi4joy1 for their unconditional love and absolute support throughout this journey

from one pains to another
Today fibroid pain, tomorrow swollen legs , next tomorrow I can’t breath properly, another day headache and palm swollen but God didn’t leave me for me

God the game changer, who stood by me throughout this 9month journey, my family and few friends that showed me nothing but pure Love
God bless u all.