Many Girls Are Carrying Plots Of Land On Their Head As Weavon – Actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo

Veteran actor Kanayo O Kanayo has taken to social media to advise girls who carry weavon the price of plots of land to repent from such an act.

The legendary Nollywood actor also noted that there’s no personality without money. This has led to the high crime rate in the country as people seek dark and sinister plots to get rich.

He wrote;

“There’s no personality without money. Many girls are carrying plots of land on their head as weaveon. Please repent. Happy Easter @officialemekaeze”.

Last month, Kanayo disclosed to Vanguard that ladies who sleep around have found their way to Nollywood. He said:

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Also, on the issue of s### harassment in the industry, it’s very unfortunate that we have many ladies of easy virtue, who came into the industry because of fame. Sadly, most of them end up becoming Instagram stars and not real stars.

“They are popular in the beds of the men who sleep with them and not popular on the screens. It’s most unfortunate that most of them don’t last long in the industry. They have nothing to offer to the industry. They are empty intellectually. It will be very bad for me to dedicate a time to talk about them because they are persona non grata as far as I am concerned”.

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