Make-up Artist Transformed A 70-year Old Woman Into A 35-year Old Young Looking Lady (Watch Video)

make up artist

A make-up artist has gotten a massive video trend after he allegedly transformed a woman said to be 70-year old into a young looking 35-year old lady.

The video has much gotten an attentions from fans which some of them has pinned that their first dates later on could be on a swimming pool.

See video below;

Below are some reactions culled from the post;

honeybee wrote;

There is nothing wrong with that,he is an artist he is just showing his skills, and he is a professional makeup artist,he can turn a 70yrs old to 35yr

this is where you wake up with something in your house and wonder where the hell did that beautiful gal you came home with go,

KiranJanaan  wrote;

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she have a right to look pretty aswell.regardless about her age.i appreciated the artist too

ragtoprabbit wrote;

She’s lovely w/o the paint. Fun to play, but not necessary. Ppl don’t need paint to be beautiful.