Korra Reveals The 18-Year-Old Lady Her Husband Was [email protected] With When She Traveled To Lagos

Korra Obidi has been trending on social media and in the press for the past two months after her ex-husband, Justin Dean, publicly stated that they were no longer together. He also stated that Korra is a serial cheater. In a recent live webcast, Korra revealed the 18-year-old woman with whom her husband was having an affair.

During her Facebook live, Korra announced that she would clear her identity because Justin falsely claimed that she was a serial cheater while they were together. She went on to add that she had cheated on Justin before they were married, and that she had told him about it and asked for forgiveness.

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According to Korra that was the last time she cheated on her husband. Sadly, it was unfortunate that Justin did not forgive her after her confession, rather he started cheating on her with an 18-year-old Brazilian lady who he spent weeks with during her trip to Lagos.

Korra went on to reveal that Justin had promised this young Brazilian lady a lot of things but he didn’t fulfill any. She also said that he told his 18-year-old mistress that his second child, Athena was a mistake.

Below are some screenshots from the Facebook live

Watch the video below 👇