Actor Bolanle Ninalowo gave his wife a mansion in the US as a gift on this day, November 13, 2022, in honor of their 18th wedding anniversary.


The actor boasted about the mansion on social media, giving God the glory for making the purchase possible. He also vowed to buy his wife a new home in Beverly Hills.


“God did! Next am buying her a house in Beverly Hills, I am still working. Crib home and abroad.” Bolanle Ninalowo wrote

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Congratulatory messages have poured in from his colleagues in the industry.

Gossipinfo reports that this is coming after he opened up on the reformation he took to win back his wife.

Bolanle Ninalowo saves his failing marriage

The actor’s marriage hasn’t been a bed of roses as the couple had to go through a challenging path to keep their marriage afloat.

In an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Bolanle revealed how he almost messed up his marriage with his constant cheating and frivolous lifestyle.

He disclosed that because of his shameful lifestyle, he lost control over his wife as she outgrew him.

According to him, he couldn’t call her to pick up her calls because he had lost control over her.

To get his wife back, he had to start afresh and detoxify all that he had done.

“I needed to take time back to see what I have done to her. The years when I was feeling to young and cheating all day, making it hard. The years when I wasn’t there and pursuing my dreams.

I forgot this was a human being that was taking records and taking experiences of how life is as well.

So I became somebody that she didn’t recognize any more.

At some point, I couldn’t call her to pick my call. The woman I had control over, I had no more control cause she outgrew me. So to get back I needed to start afresh to detoxify all that I have done. It was a process and I had to go back to the bottom”.