JJC Skillz’ baby mama Finally exposes the real faces of Funke Akindele’s twins

Mella (also known as snoop mummy on Instagram) is one of JJC Skillz’s baby moms and has published images revealing the genuine faces of Funke Akindele’s twin sons, accusing her of also disclosing details about her own son.

JJC’s mother accuses Funke Akindele of leaking sensitive information about her son to the press through third parties.

Remember how, immediately after Mella’s son Benito or Beniboi made a social media remark against Funke Akindele, stories sprang out of nowhere claiming that Benito has a drug problem and has been expelled from school for misbehaviour.

Mella shared images of Funke Akindele’s children, whom she has always kept hidden from the public eye:

If you don’t want me to expose your family then don’t expose mine. Funke and Abdul Bello.

Snoop_mummy via Instagram

According to reports, JJC Skillz has had three children with three different women before meeting and marrying Funke Akindele.

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