“It is over, say whatever you want.You can call me whatever name you wish. But this is over. ” – Bella to Sheggz (Video)


Sheggz and Bella, season 7 inmates of Big Brother Naija, were seen on video chatting in the garden just a short while ago. Sheggz could make any assumptions he wanted about Bella’s personality, she said during the call, adding that she is no longer interested in dating him. Sheggz had previously warned her against treating him rudely and adopting a casual attitude toward anything pertaining to their relationship. Sheggz continued by saying that he wanted Bella to admit her errors and welcome change. Sadly, the latter didn’t appear to be interested in the discussion.

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Bella also informed Sheggz that although they could still hang together, their relationship had ended. The lovers had threatened to end their relationship on more than one occasion. Do you believe they will reconcile and reestablish their previous level of intimacy, or are they truly over this time? Please share your opinions.

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It is over, say whatever you want.You can call me whatever name you wish. But this is over. ” 

Gossipinfo Recalled That Sheggz, a housemate on Big Brother Naija, recently pleaded with Bella, his girlfriend, for some intimacy.

He begged Bella to let him stay for a little while, but she flatly refused.

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When they might get married, they discussed how often they would engage in intimate activity.

Bella responded “no” when Sheggz inquired if he would constantly have to nag her for intimacy.

In return, she asked if it would be everytime and sheggz said that he would appreciate it if he got it frequently.