“I’m Really [email protected] Now, I Can Only Sleep In The Mornings”-Singer Simi Blurts Out On IG

Simi, a Nigerian singer and the wife of famed musician Adekunle Gold, has appealed for assistance on social media, claiming that she is unable to sleep. While it may appear that complaining about her difficulties on social media is OK, there is a significant chance that she will receive incorrect advice from those who are not medical professionals.

“Guys, I’m pretty desperate right now,” she said. I’m only able to sleep in the mornings (long tale), and I’ve only ever slept comfortably at night. So, despite the fact that it is daylight, I need something to assist me sleep and stay asleep for at least 7 hours. Neither alcohol nor medicine are acceptable. Help! Bad sleep, especially this much of it, is dangerous to one’s health.”

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It was only a few days ago that she was cried out for binge eating ice cream and has been criticised for it because some feel that it’s not healthy but with her recent insomnia, it shows that she needs medical attention urgently