Boma Akpore, a newly evicted Big Brother Naija housemate, has said that he received a lot of hostility from Nigerians after quitting the show last Sunday, which he had not expected.
On that note, Boma expressed his eagerness to return to his American base.


When asked whether he planned to return to the United States or stay in Nigeria, he answered, “Stay here and do what?” I can only go back and forth; I am unable to remain in this location. I am a member of the Screen Actors Guild in the United States, and I see myself as having a promising career there.”


He went on to describe how he had to be whisked out of his hotel at 2 a.m. to avoid those who had set a trap for him.

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Some folks have been threatening me by calling my family members. When I first left the house, I was surrounded by hatred (for me). People are starting to show me affection now, though. I didn’t have any sexual relations with Tega. I kissed and romanced (sic), but no penetration occurred. I discovered that around 500 people were waiting for me at the workplace (MultiChoice). Outside, it was quite risky for me. As a result, I was forced to check into my hotel at roughly 2 a.m. I was told I received almost 10,000 hate comments, and two members of my staff had already been admitted to the hospital because they were depressed after reading all of the awful things said about me.”


He also stated that, contrary to what went viral on the Internet, he did not have sex with a married housemate, Tega.


“There was no affair between me and Tega,” he stated. It was all in good fun. I only have an opinion about it now that I’m out of the house and have seen how others reacted to it. But it was not my objective when I was doing it. We had no choice but to go with the flow. I’m an actress, so I’ve done a lot of the same things, if not more, on film sets. Some argue that BBN was not a movie set, yet cameras were constantly trained on us.


I’ve apologized to everyone who was offended by my behavior, and I’ve moved on. Anyone who want to remain in the past should do so. I’ve worked in the entertainment industry for a long time and have developed a thick skin. I’m not even apologizing to anyone any longer. When they involved my family, they went too far. I resolved that I owed no one an explanation when I watched my mother crying.”


Boma also claimed that he never informed Pere that Tega’s private parts reeked of fish. Some individuals don’t watch the show and instead rely on blogs and other social media outlets for information.

“I had questioned her why she insinuated that I was a kiss-and-tell person,” the actor added, explaining his side of the tale concerning his feud with Angel. I warned her that this may go badly because the show was being seen by millions of people. I told her she shouldn’t say things like that and that we needed to talk about it. I am a firm believer in putting out fires. She then continuously used a curse word on me, which caused me to erupt.


I’m not claiming I was correct in my reaction, but we’re all people, and we all react differently. I wish I hadn’t gone down that path since the incident was blown out of proportion. When I was leaving the house, I apologized to her and even hugged her.


“We were in the room and she told me to stop making a noise because she wanted to sleep,” Boma stated, describing what happened between him and Maria on a specific night when they got into an altercation. I told her she could sleep because I wasn’t creating any noise and was only conversing with one person. She then instructed us to exit the room. I had to tell her that she wasn’t at a hotel and that she couldn’t tell people where they should be. I was almost whispering to the individual with whom I was conversing. I told her not to project her animosity on me because she (Maria) seemed to be in a terrible mood that day. However, a few days later, we discussed it and worked it out.”


“I just secured an international agreement, which is incredibly big,” Boma remarked, insisting that his antics in the house would not harm his brand. I’m also in the middle of certain discussions, and they’re waiting for me to accept or reject them.”

He further added that he intended to “continue being friends with Tega” despite her family’s objections.