I Feel The Pain And Shame Of What My Daughter Is Turning To – Comedienne Ashmusy’s Mother Says

Amarachi Amusi, also known as Ashmusy, a popular Instagram comedienne, has shared her mother’s response to her new nose piercing.

The comedienne had previously uploaded an instagram post about how she received a nose piercing. Her mother sent her a private message in response to her post, expressing her unhappiness with what she had done.

It was evident from the snapshot of her discussion with her mother that her mother was not pleased with what she had done. She told her that she looks better without the piercing on her nose and that she would not allow her to have that look.

“This is not a look that my girls will be sporting in the near future.” Ashmusy’s mother chastised her, “It’s all my fault.” She then resumed the chat on WhatsApp with her.

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Ashmusy’s mother went on to say that while she admires and loves her hardworking spirit, she does not accept what daughter just did. She expressed her sadness and embarrassment at her daughter’s progressive transformation into a certain type of person. Big Brother is a fictional character created by a Housemate in Nigeria

She further asked who told her that not wearing bra and pierced nose makes her finer. She said: “No bra, pierced nose who told you it makes you finer or it has reduced your integrity. Even some company may not want to work with you. Big girl is not by piercing.

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She also told her that God has blessed her already and she doesn’t need what she did. She further expressed her disappointment, saying that she did not know how to tell God that she did not raise girls who obeys him. 

“As beautiful as you God create you. What will I tell God that I don’t raise girls to dear and obey him till they turned to this bad? You are naturally made, not by this rubbish. I regret my weakness” –She said

Reacting to her mother’s remarks, Ashmusy said her reaction is very typical of a Nigerian mom. She also noted that her mother is still scolding her that way even though she is turning 30 years old soon.

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