‘I faces serious domestic violence’ – Actress Sylvia Ukaatu speak up on her relationship with her baby daddy


Sylvia Ukaatu, a Nollywood actress and  producer who has featured in several films since her inception in 2008, has narrated her domestic violence experience from her baby daddy.

The single mother of one described how her ex-lover tortured her physically and emotionally in an interview with Kemi Filani.

She said, “I have experience violence during my relationship with my baby Dad. It wasn’t a funny experience then, I was passing through emotional illness. I was dying slowly but wearing a smile to cover up. Only few friends and family members knew about it. You see its not something one should post on social media it’s something you yourself can decide on.”

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Asked how she handled the situation, Ms Ukaatu said, “Nothing too much. I just walked away because happiness and peace of mind is my push and anything that deprives me that is a no-no, so I walked away and I am happy I did.”

Speaking on the kind of punishment Domestic Violence perpetrators should face, Sylvia Ukaatu said, “Talking about punishment? Do they really need that? No I think so, I think they should visit a rehab center because they are not normal;  something is wrong somewhere. Anyone who is guilty of such is a weak person who hides his weakness under violence. I think they should be kept in a Rehab to help them heal of whatever the problem is.”

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