“I can beat my chest to say Frederick Leonard does not womanize” — Peggy Ovire brag

Peggy Ovire, a well-known Nollywood actress, has asserted with confidence that her husband Frederick Leonard does not womanize.

The actress stated her husband stayed faithful to their relationship over those years and pleaded with him not to change during their wedding ceremony over the weekend while discussing their unusual love story and how they dated for seven years before getting married.

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She lavished praise on her husband, calling him a devout guy, her greatest friend, a man who keeps his word, and someone who has repeatedly shown her his undying love.

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She described herself as ‘lucky’ to be married to someone like him, and advised fellow ladies to be patient with their partners.

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“I saw a man that is not a womanizer and most importantly that’s why I stayed for this long. Please don’t change, Fredrick is one man that I can beat my chest on, despite what everybody is saying, that he doesn’t womanize. I will love you, I will respect you”. She said in part.

Watch her speak below:

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