“I am rejoicing to his karma and there is nothing you all can do” Tonto Dikeh continues to mock ex, Prince Kpokpogri

Tonto Dikeh, a Nollywood actress, appears unconcerned with ridiculing her ex-suffering. boyfriend’s

Tonto Dikeh received a lot of attention after she used her Instagram page to celebrate her ex’s pain.

Tonto Dikeh remarked shortly after the news came that Kpokpogri had lost his 700 million house to the government that he had gotten what he deserved because he had messed with her.

Tonto Dikeh insisted in another post that she would not stop ridiculing and celebrating his loss.

When she was mourning her mother, Kpokpogri sent his sister to mock her, she claimed.

The actress claimed that Kpokpogri almost killed her financially, emotionally and otherwise after their split.

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“Anyone waiting for me to stop laughing is a complete joker. I can’t and will never sympathize with this man, it’s his cross. He should carry it. This man almost killed me financially, emotionally and otherwise (if I had committed suicide and after he threatened to expose our explicit tape or even when he released the crying audio, it would have been 2weeks of goodbyes and the world moves on. People need to understand that karma exist and I hope it’s not the last until he does the right thing!!”.

Following the heavy backlash she received, Tonto Dikeh stood her ground that she would continue to mock him.

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According to her, she isn’t a pretender as many would do what she is doing in private.

Tonto Dikeh affirmed that she is rejoicing in the karma of Kpokpogri and there’s nothing no one can do.

“I ain’t no pretender! Most of losers will do what am doing times 10 in your privacy!!! If that’s you, which is 99% of the clowns judging me.. you are a coward. I . rejoicing to the karma of Kpokpogri and ain’t nothing no one can do!!”.