Following her daughter’s multiple alleged frauds, Nollywood veteran actress Ireti Doyle has sent a public warning to her daughter’s dissatisfied clients, stressing that she is in no way involved to her daughter’s business.


Bimbo Onyeulo, Ireti Doyle’s daughter and CEO of Kachi Beauty Things, has been accused with alleged frauds by consumers for not delivering products they bought for over the years. Ireti Doyle has received several knocks on behalf of her daughter since the claims because she was aware of the closeness between the two.


The actress has forwarded a public disclaimer revealing she is not connected and holds no affiliation to her daughter’s company, adding that the only relationship with the lady concerned is that she is her offspring.

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However, she urged those affected by her daughter’s business to please liaise with the owner of the business rather than addressing to her who knows nothing about their dealings.

The public notice reads:

I reiterate and write to inform ALL parties concerned and the general public that I am in no way connected to KACHI BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

I do not and have never owned a hare, been a director, been on the payroll or received any financial benefits from said business.

I have zero affiliation with or interest of any nature in KACHI BEAUTY PRODUCTS and its board/proprietors. Mrs Abimbola Ngozi Onyeulo (nee Ozofor) aka KACHI, the 34 year old founder of said business is one of my biological offspring and that is the extent of the relationship.

In light of the above facts, I implore all persons who have been adversely affected in their business dealings with Kachi to liaise directly with her or the appropriate authorities equipped to deal with such matters to resolve any differences.


Ireti Doyle.