Lekan Olatunji, an actor in Abeokuta who was making waves, lost his pleasant wife a few weeks ago. All of the entertainers in Abeokuta experienced a moment of grief, and on the day of the burial, they truly showed up. Given that Lekan was still recovering from his fatal accident from the previous year and that the wife was the one who looked after him, many of the actor’s fans thought the wife’s death was unusual and began to wonder what could have possibly caused her sudden demise.


In an interview with Sunday Adigaun, the City People Head of TV, Actor Lekan Olatunji disclosed the circumstances surrounding the demise of his stunning spouse. Savor the discussion.

Sir, let me start by asking you to accept our condolences on the passing of your wife. Sir, how do you feel? How devastated are you and what really happened sir?

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Well, our God is an unquestionable God, so anything that happens, we need to just keep quiet and not say any negative thing because he spared my life last year. If I had gone, what is going to happen? Nothing. So it was a great loss and it was a shock because we couldn’t detect the sickness earlier, so when we finally got to know what happened, we did our best. We put in all our best, but God knows best. So, there is nothing we can do other than to move on with life, it is not easy. Everyone is saying you can’t forget, you know, someone that you always see, her clothes are still in my house, her pictures are still there, everything is still there. So, there is no how you are going to forget about someone like her for she has been all I have, she has been like a mother, like a sister, everything to me. I have put everything in her hands. Even now, I don’t know where my international passport, the kids passports are, I don’t know where all my credentials are, even the house that I built, the house documents I don’t know where it is. I’m still going to search for it later because I have put everything in her custody. I put everything in her care because ever since we got married, she has been everything to me. So I never expected this but to God be the glory, all will be well in Jesus name.

What was the nature of her sickness? You said you couldn’t discover on time


She had cancer but we didn’t know on time, and by the time we got to know, she couldn’t walk again. Although she has been complaining about backache for like a year now, and we have been going to the hospital. It is not as if we took it with levity, we we went to one hospital, they said it was muscle constrain, so we bought the medicine that she needed, we did that. Later, we went to another hospital they said it was ulcer, we treated ulcer. We didn’t know until that thing affected her spinal cord and she couldn’t walk again, so what can we do? That’s when one doctor just attended to us, and he said we should go and do another test, that’s when we got to know that it was ulcer which has affected her spinal cord

Ulcer or cancer?

Sorry, Cancer. And that instead of the cancer to react in her body, the cancer went directly to her spinal cord. So that’s what happened, she couldn’t walk again. So the doctor told us we needed two surgeries, which was equivalent to twelve million. It is not as if the money was not available, I raised the money within three days. So we did the first surgery, it was successful, we spent seven million plus on that and it was successful. We came back home, we were happy, she was even recovering. The physiotherapist was even very sad about the news.

What about the 2nd Surgery?

We were getting ready for the second procedure. When I called the hospital that was now caring for her, they advised me to bring her. It was that morning when I wanted to go and carry her for her regular exercise. She mentioned she wasn’t breathing very well. When they got to the hospital, they stated she had low blood pressure or something. What happened, I asked? To bring blood, they made a call to the blood bank. We didn’t spend an hour there since, from what they stated, she wasn’t responsive and wasn’t breathing very well. I have nothing more to say than that—glory be to God.

Last week, you suddenly became an online sensation, people started celebrating you and all that, how did it happen?

That one I don’t like talking about because I have said I don’t welcome any talk concerning it, I don’t, I don’t really want to talk about that aspect. But I will just say briefly that Gistlover DM me, we spoke, the person in quote, Gistlover really did a great job, let me just say that God will continue to be with the person in Jesus name because without knowing me, the person listened to me and did a great job. So, I’m very happy about that.

So let’s talk about your movie that is coming out.

“The life of a single Father”

Yes, that’s just it. It is what I’m going through because there was a day I forgot to pick my kids from school. I had forgotten because to me, it is my wife that normally takes them to school and pick them, so I forgot, I went there late. There were a lot of things like that so I just packed everything. For instance, when it comes to food, there are some special food I do, I’m on diet, so there’s nobody to be cooking for me directly anymore, you know I don’t use maggie and all this stuff, I don’t take them. And a lot of other things like that. The school at times has needs, the kids at times will need somethings, and I will need to give them these things but we thank God for his grace. I thank God I’m shooting it, this is season two of the movie. I’m on location right now.