“Happy Birthday to Me in Advance” — Cute Abiola Says As He films himself inside Bathroom(Video)

Abdulgafar Oluwatoyin Abiola, a prominent Nigerian comedian, Nollywood actor, producer, skit maker, and social media influencer known as “The Cute Abiola or World Best,” has shared a video of himself inside his fancy bathroom on his official Instagram story. He shared the video in ahead of his birthday to wish himself a happy birthday. On April 28th, 2022, he will celebrate his next birthday.

The Cute Abiola is a Nigerian comedian who is both skilled and successful. On Instagram, he has nearly five million followers. He is well-known for promoting up-and-coming comedians in the comedy industry. In his comic skits, he has included more than ten up-and-coming comedians.

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Take a look at photos of The Cute Abiola in his opulent bathroom.