Fans condemn actress Laide Bakare for shaking mens hands at Ramadan lecture

Some fans condemn actress Laide Bakare for the way she hugs and shakes hands with the men at a congregation for a Ramadan lecture.

The fans further blame the Islamic clerics for not correcting her due to the money they collected from her.

Laide Bakare shares a video of herself at Ramadan lecture as she steps out to give the Islamic clerics an envelope of money.

While returning back to her seat, she sights some of her male colleagues at the front, she greeted them by nearly hug an Islamic singer, Ere Asalatu, shake hands with the rest of her male colleagues.

Some fans who seem to be Muslim took to the comment section to condemn Laide Bakare her action as is not right Islamically for a woman to shake hands with a man who is not her husband.

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See reaction below:

– So ere asalatu want to huge you? Inside fasting 🤔

– Very useless congregation. You people needs to fear Allah with your alfas that because of money they can’t tell you the truth. See how you are shaking males who are not you Muharam and the so called alfa are looking at you not saying anything. Fear Allah, the world is vanity upon vanity.

– @idrisa.1 absolutely true! This is completely wrong even without Ramadan;let alone we are in it. We should be conscious of our actions and shouldn’t allow unguarded ways of life destroy us! Remember, life is vanity!

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