Taiwo Aromokun, a former actress and lover of actor Odunlade Adekola, buried her mother at Ikorodu, Lagos, in early September 2021, with a handful of her colleagues in attendance, including Jaiye Kuti, Remi Surutu, Biola Bayo, and Eniola Ajao.




According to reports, Taiwo Aromokun, a former popular actress, lover of actor Odunlade Adekola, and single mother of twins who has been based abroad for years, quit social media and ensured that she has nothing to do with any of her colleagues, which is why only a few of them honored the burial invitation.

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Kehinde Aromokun, Taiwo Aromokun’s twin sister, provided images from the event.


Taiwo Aromokun gave a national newspaper an interview before going abroad, declaring that she and Odunlade were lovers!


Odunlade was still a “happy married man” with two children in 2012. Taiwo didn’t mince words when it came to describing what happened in their relationship. “I am quite blunt and God-fearing,” she admitted. Odunlade Adekola and I actually went on a date. I’m not going to deny it. We are, however, no longer dating. Now we’re simply pals. In fact, for the rest of our lives, we’ll just be pals. In portions, she said, “We’re still close.”





“We split up for a personal reason,” Taiwo explained when asked why they broke up. I wanted to get back to living my life. Odun was already married and had two gorgeous sons, therefore he wasn’t in the market for a second marriage. As a result, continuing the connection was pointless. If he had asked, I would have married him. We still speak with one other despite the fact that we are no longer lovers.”


After the interview, Taiwo moved on with her life and married a man from Holland who claimed to be head over heels in love with her. The wedding, which took place in Lagos, was, however, short-lived.


After a tumultuous divorce, the actress found herself as a single mother, responsible for her twin sons, Jade and Jasmine.



She took a break from social media after her twin sister, Kehinde, married.





Taiwo stopped using social media after Kehinde’s wedding. She continued to tweet images of her colleagues celebrating their birthdays in 2018, however the last time she did so was in August 2018.



She no longer posts anything about her coworkers, such as birthdays or events, because she has completely vanished from the scene.