EPL: Erik ten Hag attacks the players after Man United’s loss to Aston Villa

Newest Birmingham news about Aston Villa Live brings you Erik ten Hag’s response to Manchester United’s 3-1 defeat at Villa Park.

Before the second half at Aston Villa, Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo observes as manager Erik ten Hag provides instructions in the center circle of the field.
As Aston Villa defeated Manchester United 3-1, Erik ten Hag acknowledged that Manchester United’s performance was “not acceptable.”

After a sluggish start to the game, United was made to pay; yet, Villa emerged victorious. Lucas Digne’s breathtaking free kick doubled the lead after Leon Bailey had opened the scoring with his fourth goal of the year.

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As a result of Jacob Ramsey’s own goal, the visitors were down 2-1 at the half. However, the 21-year-old would later score Villa’s third goal, giving new manager Unai Emery the perfect start to his tenure.

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Ten Hag provided the following post-game interview to the Man United website: “It’s unacceptable that we lost the game at the beginning of the first and second halves. You must be prepared for the match; we weren’t.

“I emphasized that it was up to us, but we need to be sharper. The ball wasn’t kept by us. We lost battles because we failed to obey the rules when defending, we failed to obtain the proper organization, and we allowed them run at the beginning of the game.

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“That’s not right. To be prepared, a player must accept responsibility. They appeared to be more recent, and that is never acceptable.

Ten Hag is of the opinion that little adjustments could have changed the outcome of Digne’s free-kick goal. The United manager said, “I think the free-kick is stoppable because the wall is too far [over].”

“Okay, these are minor details, but in the game of great football, minor details matter. Because we weren’t completely fresh, the nuances were essential to us. One of our best standards was that we always had the right attitude when the game began since, up until this point, we had been playing with real vigor and readiness. We weren’t today.

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“The outcome is obvious. That is unreliable. Football is how you make money. We weren’t adequate today. The game must be read. You need to organize properly and avoid giving up two goals.

“That was completely unneeded because you then need to stick together, keep your distance, and prevail in war. Always be alert. It is everything that we failed to do. It is a failure. This is a process, and I’m aware that the price won’t just rise. We must prepare for the fact that there will be setbacks.