Instagram Blogger Mr. Lilgaga has finally unraveled some shocking details about Eniola.


According to the video in which the blogger Interview the first set of people who help Eniola that causes everything that is happening now.

It’s the set of people who help him before that cause all the issue of the scam that is circulating on social media

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Watch the video below to understand why she is not actually wrong

See How Netizen Are Angrily With The Video Below Using The Comments Section.

Jumaatson: I managed to watched 40% of the interview all I could deduced from this interview is what I will call trying to launder Sultan image and rewarding a fraudul£nt young boy. He told the world during your interview that she is a girl and u asked does she has boyfriend she says no and you asked why he said bcuz of her uniqueness no man would want to date her alas him. Sultan stop saying Eniola and stop supporting f.r.@()d

Exponentgram: She or he, una even Dey confused. This is the same boy that Scam people in osogbo and move to Lagos. Abeg abeg.

Dmpromakeover: Orisa to ba le gbemi, semi bose bami…. For real 😔 this still doesn’t mean what he did was right . Let him be himself in the way God creates him. Who will help will surely help. We shouldn’t support his actions out of pity, what is wrong is wrong. I won’t call him a fraud but pls encourage him to live like a man God created him to be. The makeup business will not ave way for him as long as he knows what he’s doing. God bless you all the same @mrlilgaga.

Estoy_deymo: Take this down or we will bring your account down 😡😡,,
which fxlish sultan no be scam??,,how did he spend the first money donated for him??,,
the day this you AKIN went to do interview ,did you even notice anything??
Which mother wants to kill him?
The same mother e dint send a penny??