Lege Miami has finally spoken out after several dragging online over Mohbad’s death.


Lege Miami reveals why are people raining curse on him when he hold no position in government house.


Lege went further explaining that did they expect Seyi Tinubu to just come online and talk without going underground and make it own finding.

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He rain curse on all the people who are coming to his DM to rain curse on him.

Gossipinfo Recalled That Recently Popular Nigerian actor and matchmaker Kehinde Adams, known as Lege Miami, has strongly criticized fans who prayed for God to take him and bring back the late singer Mohbad.

In response to a video, Lege Miami called out the fan who made such a thoughtless prayer. He revealed that he had heard reports of some fans, particularly Damilola, publicly asking God to take him and return Mohbad.

Lege expressed his dismay, emphasizing that nobody is happy about Mohbad’s passing, but that should not be a reason to involve him in such sentiments. He added that he had even tried to gather more information about the singer’s burial and the circumstances of his death, only to discover that some people were also wishing for his own demise.

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Adeyosola__: Se Efe pa Daddy mercy ni😂😂
Daddy mercy abeg notify your bestie oo, incase he haven’t been seeing what has been going on since last week, help us tell him

Big_preciousss: If u like cry nah u Sabi 😂 post dat nonsense dance again if yu no go collect another swear

Geebeekee: I think I need to drop this here. Yes, you may not be happy about it, but your behavior is in contrary 😍 I mean, you are behaving like someone not concerned😍 let’s assume Imole is your blood brother, you will not by now be jumping about like a Frog in its territory 😍I’ve been there b4, I know what i am talking about. This should be a sober period for all of us that are humans. Even the people that are not in anyway related to Imole are showing a high level of concern and greater sympathy than some of you in the so called industry 😍 WISDOM they say is profitable to direct. You are human, I will advise you act like a sensible one😍 Thabk you

Farrahkiddies: Na you kuku sing ore omo president ilu wa 😂So the dragging just started 😂😂😂

Joyous_joy11: When your friends father wanted to remove subsidy didn’t he rush it???? Did it take him forever to think about it???
Now it gets to this and you said your friend is still thinking about what to say since how many days now that Imole died and evidence has been flying up and down and he’s there thinking in the rubbish.
To think we don’t even need him to talk or say anything to us but take actions instead and show us receipts, we no need him talk.

LEGE in case ti oro mi ko ba ye e. So fun ore e ko dekun ironu ooo, ko si ikan ti ironu e da fun wa amoo ko shey ohun ti o to ati ohun ti oye toripe kesekese ni gbogbo yi shi ri yen oo kasakasa n bo lona.

Sorry if you don’t understand Yoruba I gats write watin LEGE ore omo president ilu wa fit understand jawe. #justiceformohbad.