Renowned Nigerian actress Shaffy Bello, celebrated for her bankable talent and longstanding presence in the industry since the 90s, recently shared insights into her beauty regimen during an interview on TVC’s Your View. The ever-glowing actress, highly respected in the industry, disclosed details about her beauty secrets when questioned about cosmetic procedures. Shaffy Bello candidly revealed what cosmetic procedures she has undergone, providing a glimpse into her approach to maintaining her timeless and captivating appearance.


Speaking first about her beauty secrets, Shaffy Bello revealed saying:

SHAFFY BELLO: I work very hard at that, so I will give you a run through. For me, I’m in a vanity industry. Let’s acknowledge it. It’s a vanity industry and it’s an industry that why are they going to call me to play a sexy woman if you’re not sexy? If you’re not looking good? So I work hard at that. And then I invest in myself. When I used to play all those rich women at the beginning of my career, those were my clothes. Those were my things, because the thing is nobody can carry your vision like you can. I invested in myself and it showed. Invest in yourself, take time out for yourself. I put myself first, sometimes, and then I tell people when you’re going through a problem that you cannot solve, fix somebody else’s problem. It will divert your attention from yours and 9 out of 10 times, the creator will make a way for your problems.

Then one of the things I tell people is make your home your zen. We’re not home a lot, we’re on the go a lot. So when I’m home, my home is zen. Like I get home and everything is zen, so I make myself comfortable. I have time with friends. I create time with my people, my friends. I do that, and then I rest.

She was then asked “I heard you did some surgeries? Some plastic surgeries?” to which she responded:

SHAFFY BELLO: No no no, but I did fillers, on my laugh lines. So I had this deep smile laugh line, and I really didn’t need it to be honest, but then I was there at the place and they’re like “if you want to do it?” and I’m like why not?

It’s the only cosmetic procedure Shaffy Bello says she has done.

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What do you think about what Shaffy Bello said, and about her beauty secrets?