Caroline Danjuma and Popular Stylish Toyin Lawani f!ght d!rty in Public(Video)

Caroline Danjuma and Popular Stylish Toyin Lawani f!ght d!rty in Public(Video) 1

Caroline Danjuma, a former actress, and Toyin Lawani, a fashion designer, got into a Twitter spat today after Caroline claimed that Toyin said her (Caroline’s) marriage failed because her ex-husband, Musa Danjuma, “caught her sleeping with small boys.”

Caroline, who fired the first shot, also claimed that she and Toyin Lawani had a falling out after she refused to sign artists recommended by the designer to her record label.

She said Toyin was dating a married man and that her relationship with him ended because he was being informed about Toyin’s activities by others.

Toyin Lawani replied by accusing Caroline of sleeping with her ex-husband, whom she said was married. Caroline is particularly expert at “covering her tracks and pointing fingers,” according to her.

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Toyin also claimed the actress of ruining her engagement to the man she was engaged to, which resulted in her and her daughter being evicted from their home and her store being taken away accidently.

Caroline was still being pursued by Toyin, who claimed Caroline had slept with her ex-boyfriend and had “made up falsehoods.”

Caroline’s ex is still paying her bill, according to Toyin. She also stated that one day, “people will see past Caroline’s yellowface” because she was unable to “keep her marriage with all threesomes.”

Toyin also pressed Caroline to deny sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, with whom she was engaged.

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Caroline stated that Toyin Lawani was not working alone. She also maintained that she was only at Toyin’s ex-residence girlfriend’s “on business.”

Caroline allegedly “slept with her ex” and does not “make false claims” like the actress, according to Toyin.

Caroline called Toyin a “stray puppy” and a “home wrecker,” but Toyin claimed Caroline was the one who ended their relationship. Caroline was also accused of going behind her and sleeping with her ex-boyfriend after the relationship ended.

As the couple continued to trash themselves on Twitter, Toyin predicted that “Caroline will look you dead in the eye and invent a lie that can kill.”

Despite Caroline’s allegations that she has been wrongfully accused of things she had nothing to do with, Toyin reiterated that she slept with her ex-boyfriend.

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According to the designer, Caroline has had affairs with multiple men. Toyin also questioned Caroline about her relationship with the lady with whom her ex-husband allegedly slept.

Caroline retaliated by alleging that Toyin is a lesbian who has been attempting to sleep with her, which Toyin dismissed as untrue.

Caroline responded by saying that a “Bible-swearing will be better” after Toyin Lawani challenged her to swear with her children’s names that she didn’t sleep with her ex and that what she’s saying is false.

Toyin Lawani also added his “amen” to a prayer for thunder to “fire” whoever is lying.