Antonio Rudiger gives Chelsea his honest opinion in response to Thomas Tuchel’s firing ahead of the World Cup.

During his time at Chelsea, Antonion Rudiger was revered as a hero, therefore the defender’s most recent revelation should serve as a startling wake-up call to the Stamford Bridge administration.

Antonio Rudiger, who will play for Germany in the World Cup in Qatar, has provided his opinion on the dismissal of Thomas Tuchel by Chelsea.

Antonio Rudiger has said that he wasn’t shocked to learn that Chelsea fired Thomas Tuchel too soon. The 29-year-old took pleasure in working with the former Blues manager while they were teammates at Stamford Bridge, where they won the FIFA Club World Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and Champions League.

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Before leaving Chelsea at the conclusion of his contract and joining Real Madrid on a free transfer, the Germany international contributed significantly to all the success that Tuchel brought to west London. Please note that Rudiger declined a new contract offer that would have made him the highest-paid defender in team history.

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The German defender eventually left, despite Tuchel’s best efforts to keep him, but they remained in contact. Rudiger discussed his feelings regarding Todd Boehly’s dismissal of his ex-boss in an interview with The Guardian. He also discussed the message he sent to Tuchel following the news.

“Life goes on,” he said before praising Tuchel’s handling of the media during Roman Abramovich’s sale of the club. “I have good memories and friends from there, but life goes on.” “You did a fantastic job handling all the inquiries and the way he handled himself, in my opinion.

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“He relieved many people of a great deal of pressure. not just us athletes. He spoke to you frequently. I believe he found the situation to be extremely taxing.

“As a manager, you must concentrate on your duties while also responding to numerous political inquiries. This man was incredible.”

Rudiger went on to say “I felt it. Even though it was under the previous administration, what he accomplished in the club was shocking. He acquires the players he desires before abruptly disappearing.

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“But Chelsea is there. It’s also strangely predictable. I sent him a message and said, “Thank you so much for everything.” not just for me, but for everyone. Without him, capturing the Champions League seemed improbable.

Chelsea was a stand-alone story, he continued. “Great, great, great described it. But the top football club is Real Madrid. Five Champions League victories in the last nine years speaks for itself.”

During his five years at Chelsea, Rudiger made 202 appearances, and despite a rocky beginning, he quickly developed into a cornerstone of the Blues’ success. The defender’s lack of astonishment at Tuchel’s dismissal just days after the summer transfer window should serve as a warning to Boehly, a former employee of the team.