Lady who claim to be Agbala Gabriel’s childhood friend has spilled more secrets about the Pastor during a voice call with popular Blogger Tolani Oreniyi.


The lady stated that he knows the pastor as Ademola , that hey both grew up together and she is an elder to him, there was a elderly pastor they both go to his church and him and the pastor are the same, the pastor has 3wives.


Many netizens react to her hateful words about the pastor.

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Gbenga lawal wrote: If all these time invested in destroying others is channeled at betterment of her life and her children, it would have been better.
Childhood enemy, enemy of the place of birth. Envy mixed together with hatred and bitterness; maybe because the man didn’t get married to her. Àwọn ọta ilé, afi ki Ọlọrun gba’wa lọwọ wọn.

Stella olakittia. Wrote: I pity you ,so you’re  still  waiting  for the downfall  of the  man whom God has favoured  .There’s  no one that has no yesterday. Yesterday  is gone,angels are praying  for him .If I’m  your husband  ,you will  not enter my house  again ,jobless people  ,you are  fulfilling  his destiny  if you don’t  know .
The wrought of God is  imminent  ,you better  join those who are praying for  Nigeria.

Adekoleoye wrote: I don’t need to see the face of the person talking, but she should please come out and say she doesn’t have a past, and who knows if she was actually disappointed by Agbala Gabriel, reasons she is coming with all this, Olorun ko jo yin o😁

Kakario wrote: I think this kind of people should be arrêsted and jaïled. This is cyber stalking now. Nawa o

Babatunde oyinlade wrote: Get yourselves engage with something better, all this you are doing is making the man more popular and more blessings are coming his way, let God judge him not you people.

Oyerinde olabisi wrote: If its true self naa then not now,;: this girl what u want tell us maybe we can help you’ mad human being.