Controversial Idris Okunneye, also known as Bobrisky, a Nigerian crossdresser, came to Instagram to preach to his fans and followers about learning to forgive.




Bobrisky has recently been in the spotlight for his phony lifestyle, many debts, phony bank alerts, and Instagram freebies.

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Bobrisky expressed his disgust with other individuals praying and wishing their opponents to perish in a social media post.


People are allowed to drag Bobrisky from now until next year, but wishing his detractors didn’t exist is a nasty thing to say, according to Bobrisky.


Bobrisky, who seems to have picked up a few lessons over the past few days, went on to say that everyone is hoping for a long life, and it’s pointless to wish someone death.

He wrote: I’ve learned to forgive whenever I hear a prayer like I don’t want my enemies on this earth any longer naaa isn’t that horrible now! It’s fine to drag me from now till next year, but wishing my detractors would cease to exist is not a good thing to say. We all hope for a long life, therefore never wish someone death; it’s not so horrible.

Bobrisky recalled taking to his Instagram profile to highlight all of his accomplishments, daring his detractors to do the same if it’s easy.


Bobrisky spoke about obtaining the female gender from the real owner and owning three incredible automobiles, including a Range Rover, a gle 43 Benz, and a cla sport.

According to Bobrsky, who purchased his first home in Lekki Lagos three years ago, he is Africa’s most talked about man and dates billionaires.

Many women are continually scared by Bobrisky’s appearance; however, if individuals believe that photo filters make him look cute, then should use their own filter as well.