Ahmed Idris, the Federation’s Accountant-General, is said to have married a 16-year-old girl from Kano State.




In November 2021, Ahmed Idris will be 61 years old.

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The adolescent and her parents were allegedly enticed by a high government official with millions of naira to stage a secret wedding in Kano lately.


According to Naija News, the situation was revealed to newsmen by a relative of the young girl, Nura Bagudu, a native of Dorawa in Kano State.


According to Bagudu, the girl Husna, who recently turned 16, is his late aunt’s daughter.


He told how Idris met the adolescent through a young lady. He did say, though, that the family objected to the wedding, but Idris insisted on marrying her despite the fact that they were nearly 40 years apart in age.

The AGF, according to Bagudu, is an opportunist who wants to take advantage of the small girl’s innocence to gratify his sexual appetite.

“This is Husna, our late sister’s daughter; she’s just sixteen, not long after she clocked sixteen years old, but it’s very unfortunate that a lady named Amina was the one who linked or brought the Accountant-General to our house in order to seek her hand in marriage,” Bagudu said, narrating the incident.



“What does that mean?” she wondered, knowing that this was a very young girl. It appears that the accountant general is only chasing that young girl in order to take advantage of her youth.

“As soon as I heard, I messaged him since, while working with the then-Head of Service, I had the opportunity to meet with him about a significant problem for the country.” So I messaged him on WhatsApp about his wedding, sending him photos of myself, my kid, my late sister, and Hussain, my daughter. He replied, “It’s a small world,” confirming that the wedding was real.”



In a recent interview with SaharaReporters, Bagudu said that the Accountant-General had bribed certain media organizations they had previously approached for assistance and instructed them to turn down the family’s desire to expose his atrocities.

“He bribed this girl with over N200 million in gold, iPhones, purchasing her automobiles, and giving her millions of naira – all to get her attention.” He began seeing other people in order to learn more about the girl’s family, and then he married her on the spot.



“There was no investigation just because he is the Federation’s Accountant General. Why are things like these happening in this country? He even informed the girl that she could look for any house she wanted in Abuja and that he would buy it for her.

“He spends government money, and he bribes every media outlet we go to report on him not to air or report the story.” Please assist us in ensuring that justice is served. Bagudu remarked, “This girl is only sixteen years old.”

He urged President Muhammadu Buhari to investigate into the situation and not let it fade away as if nothing had happened. Bagudu accused Idris of abusing his position to benefit the family.