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‘School fees and baby food is not your mate’ Fans mock 2Face after declaring he’s no longer impregnating women

2face Idibia, a legendary Nigerian artist, has generated outrage online after announcing that he is no longer impregnating women.

2face was heard addressing a gathering at an event in a video that surfaced online, and several girls failed to reply to his words.

2face reacted by saying he realized some women were hesitant to reply to his statements and told them not to fear because he has quit impregnating women.

People are welcome to inquire about 2face’s new lifestyle, sarcastically adding that they will confirm he is innocent and will not toll such a role again.

In his word: I see say Some babe they fear to shout for that side, Abeg bo fear to should, I no dey give belle like that again, I don stop. ask anybody, they will tell you am innocent, I no dey do that kind thing again.

Some netizens reacted, saying 2face is currently scared of the finances required in raising children.

hes__black wrote: Baba please no retire,Ijeoma for my street the form hard to get and she the crush on you,Abeg give am belle before you retire

mrpresidennnt wrote: School fees and baby food na your mate?

td.mane wrote: Haha kinda sound disrespectful to his wife Annie, depending on context tho

cakes_nd_pops wrote: 2baba talk true, the queue still long babes plenty

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