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“It was it’s entertainment purposes,” James Brown says as he share an intimate moment with his boyfriend.

James Brown, a Nigerian crossdresser, has apologized to the public for posting a video of him and his partner having an intimate moment on the internet.

After releasing a video of himself and his male companion having a wonderful time on social media, the internet celebrity sparked outrage. Nigerians have demanded his arrest because homosexuality is illegal in the country. Following the backlash, the transvestite’s legal team made an official statement apologizing to the public and stressing that the video was mostly intended to amuse his audience.

“We’d like to clarify that the objective was for amusement purposes, just like every other Instagram influencer.” However, we acknowledge that some lines may have been crossed in our client’s films in an effort to delight his admirers. As a result, we apologize profusely to the general audience.” In part, the statement was read.


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