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“Drugs are like food to Nigerian entertainers”, Noble Igwe reveal hidden secrets

Noble Igwe, a popular media entrepreneur and fashionista in Nigeria, has compared drugs to food in the entertainment sector.

De General, the skit maker, was arrested by the National Narcotics Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for illegal drug possession.

From his Lagos house, the agency said it discovered cannabis sativa, 225mg tramadol, and drug paraphernalia.

The incident has elicited a wide range of emotions from various audiences and stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

Noble Igwe moved to Twitter to express his thoughts on the subject, claiming that drugs are like nourishment for many Nigerian entertainers.

“Drugs are like finger food within Nigerian entertainment space,” the tweet read.

Recall that Basketmouth, the comedian, had earlier mocked operatives of the NDLEA for “wasting taxpayers’ money” to pull off a night raid that only recovered what he described as just “a pinch of igbo (weed)”.

“I wondered how the NDLEA guys felt after that raid, taking a boy with a pinch of weed to their head office. You’re supposed to have a bit of shame. Those dealing in weed, you know them,” Basketmouth had said.

“Why are you harassing people? Common, guys. We have bigger problems to worry about. These guys need those things. Have you read the headlines in Nigeria recently? Those things can make one take cocaine.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not supporting the use of marijuana, I don’t do such. I’ll never do such a thing but what I’m saying is that you people are wasting taxpayers’ money to go and arrest someone with a small pinch of weed.”

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