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All you need to know about Adewale Elesho Biography – Age, Education, Career, Family and Net Worth.

Adeoye Adewale, better known by his stage name Elesho, is a Yoruba Nollywood actor and producer who has been in the profession for decades.

Adewale Eloesho was born on January 10, 1959, in Ikirun, Osun State, but grew up in Ifelodun, Osun State.

Name Adeoye Adewale Elesho
Nationality Nigerian
Date of Birth January 10, 1959
Age 63 (2022)
Place of Birth Ikirun, Osun State
State of Origin Osun State
Occupation Actor, Producer
Net Worth $550,000


Adewale Elesho Biography

Adewale Elesho is a Nollywood actor and producer born on he 10th of January, 1959 in Ikirun town and hails from Ifelodun town, both in Osun State.

Adewale Elesho Early Life

Adewale Elesho was born in Ikirun town and raised by disciplinary parents at Oke-Ara in Ile-Ife but he hails from Ifelodun, all in Osun Sttate.

Adewale Elesho Education

Elesho attended Local Authority Primary School in Osun State for his Primary Education. Them, he proceeded to a Modern School in Ile Ife.

He later pulled out of school in pursuance of his passion to sell pharmaceutical products which could made him be a Chemist by profession.

Adewale Elesho Career

Elesho interest for acting can be dated back to his primary school days. He had worked from several companies in Osun State before he decided to venture into acting.

His unique style of acting and use of words made him standout and rode him to hall of fame which many young actor and actress want to reckon with.

Adewale Elesho Movies

Elesho has acted in several movies since he became a theatre practitioner. Some of them are;

  • Taxi Driver (1983)
  • Farugbotayin (2017)
  • Arike Osha (2018)
  • Oga Kan (2018)
  • Alaaru (2020)

Adewale Elesho Marrage

He is happily married and has been so for many years and the marriage is blessed with many children.

Adewale Elesho Son

Yemi Elesho is one of the son of Adewale Elesho. he is comic actor and MC just like his father. He was born in Kwara State and got inspired from the way his father does .

Adewale Elesho Net Worth

Elesho estimated net worth as of 2021 is $550,000. He was able gather this from the proceeds he got from acting.


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