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Tribal marks model, Adetutu welcomed a baby boy.

Adetutu, a tribal mark model, has given birth to a newborn boy.

On Facebook, the model, who already has a daughter, expressed her joy at the impending arrival of her second child.

Adetutu wrote;

Just because I’m impatient for my professional pictures.

It’s a boy.


Gossipinfo news reports that Nollywood actress and philanthropist, Tonto Dikeh, has been chastised on social media for choking on her own words after stating she is reborn and will no longer advertise clothing that exposes her body.

Tonto Dikeh used social media a few months ago to warn apparel businesses who wanted to work with her.



Tonto Dikeh announced that she would no longer be wearing revealing clothing, claiming that money was insufficient for her to begin exposing her body at her advanced age.

Tonto Dikeh, on the other hand, used her Instagram page a few days ago to promote a figure enhancement product while flaunting her cleavage.

In response, a woman attacked Tonto Dikeh, claiming that she can never change and reminding her of her previous statements about being reborn and refusing to market revealing clothing.




The post reads: Tonto Dikeh said she’s a born again and no longer wants to be advertising clothes that show her body. I want to ask her now what changed? She can never change.

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