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“They made my life a living hell” BBNaija Alex Unusual list names of those who bully her during her school days

Alex Unusual, a former reality TV star and model, has opened up about being bullied as a child in the wake of the viral rumor of a murdered Sylvester Ororomi.

Bullies, according to the fashion blogger, made her school experience “terrible and a living hell.”
Alex’s admission comes just days after a woman who goes by the name Udoka Gentlestar on Facebook accused Nollywood actress Beverly Osu and many other women of tormenting her in school, requiring her to retake studies, according to the lady.

Alex revealed her abusers’ identity in the comments area of an Instagram picture, alleging that they had made her life a living hell.

She wrote

“Anne odeh and Nancy ibezim made my life a living hell. Faith onyekperem as well. I eventually left DDL many other reasons included. Faith Onyekperem as well but #justiceforsylvester”

She recently addressed the issue of personal hygiene and body odor on Instagram.

She says that anyone who doesn’t have a skin condition has no need to smell bad. She doesn’t mean that people should cover up their body odor with strong deodorants and perfumes; rather, she believes that people should keep their personal hygiene under check.

In order to eliminate body odor, the model and reality show star pointed out different body parts and apparel that should be avoided.

In her own word

If you don’t have a skin condition, you have no reason not to smell nice.
I’m not even talking about using the most expensive deodorants and perfumes. Don’t use perfumes to cover up swweat or dirty cloth odour. Please be neat. It’s not by putting on all the designers in this life.
You dey baff?
Do you take enough water?
Do you let your clothes dry well?
How may times do you wear your boxers, singlets and bra?
Do you wash your mouth?
I come in peace, if you choose violence, it’s because I’m talking to you.”

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