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Stephenie Rodriguez: How an Oyinbo lady undergone 36 surgeries and had her legs amputated after being bitten by a mosquito in Nigeria.

After being bitten by a mosquito in Lagos, Nigeria, an Australian woman has lost the use of her natural legs. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Stephenie Rodriguez, a 52-year-old single mother, attended the Hive event in Lagos, Nigeria on September 11, 2021.




The socialite was asked to walk outdoors for a photo shoot with participants by organizers at a gathering of travel executives at the event a few days later.




The lady was bitten three times on her left ankle by a mosquito during the photo shoot, which took place next to a stagnant pool.




She had 36 surgeries and spent 368 nights in the hospital. Stephenie may not have been bothered by the mosquito bite in Lagos because she had slathered herself with insect repellant.




However, days after flying to India, the internet entrepreneur became lethargic and exhausted, and was sent to the hospital after struggling to eat and drink when she stopped in Boston. An infectious disease specialist confirmed that what she thought was compound jet lag was actually cerebral malaria. She had lapsed into a coma at this point. The single mother was given a 2% chance of survival when a medicine used to treat severe malaria called Artesunate put her into shock and organ failure, according to the Daily Mail.




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