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Nigerians react as Fani Kayode’s estranged wife confess he has not have s*x with her for the past 6 years

Precious Chikwendu, Femi Fani-Kayode estranged wife, told an Abuja customary court that she was compelled to remain celibate for six years during their cohabitation because the former minister was unable to perform.

She said that the four children she had with him were created through artificial insemination.

The surprising revelation was made in papers filed in a Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Customary Court in Abuja, where she is seeking an order granting her access to her children.

Chikwendu filed the application through her lawyer, Mr Abiodun Olusanya, telling the court that she had received information that one of the children in Fani-custody Kayode’s had been hurt in the head.

Chikwendu told the court in the FCT/CCK8/01/043/2021 suit that Fani-Kayode never finished their six-year relationship.

She requested that the court declare that she was never married to Fani-Kayode because, contrary to his claims, he did not pay her bride price or perform customary or statutory marriage rites with her.

She claimed that throughout their time together, she discovered that, despite Fani-denials, Kayode’s his marriage to his third wife, Regina, was still going strong.

She accused him of repeatedly attacking her, ordering his bodyguards to strip her naked and confine her in her room.

Chikwendu informed the court in the FCT/CCK8/01/043/2021 suit that Fani-Kayode never finished their six-year relationship.

“At every attempt by the petitioner to have sexual intercourse with the respondent, the respondent’s penis/manhood was never erected, and penetration was frustrating.”

During such periods of frustration and sexual desire, the petitioner would be left with the choice of merely rubbing herself on the respondent, to have the slightest bit of relief.

The petitioner then insisted that the parties seek medical care for the respondent, and when the respondent went to the family doctor, he claimed that he was diagnosed with a cyst on his penis/manhood, which prevented him from having an erection or performing sexually.

“The respondent was allegedly put on cyprotab, and the doctor advised him to go ahead and decide when he wanted the cyst removed/untangled.”

“A few days following the doctor’s visit, the respondent notified the petitioner that he had discussed the procedure with Regina and she had prayed about it, and that the respondent should not perform it because he would die.”

“The respondent never took the cyprotab prescription, but whenever the petitioner wanted to engage the respondent in sexual acts, he would say his penis/manhood hurt and then drink the medication.”

The petitioner bought intimacy gadgets for the respondent, but the respondent refused to use it and warned the petitioner never to suggest it again.”

Her shocking revelation has sparked various reactions from Nigerians.

Read the comments below:

@greatz2hair1: I believe her cus the way this Man falls in love every 2 minutes is suspicious.

@Lajublog: Lies Madam, You dated FFK for almost 10 years, right from when he was Minister of Aviation! You enjoyed his money and luxurious lifestyle and birthed 4 bouncing baby boys for him!

@Eloka_eloka: Wow!! A whole six years?? I can’t even stay one second without knocking

@Ebaycarder: The Lie Of The Year Award Goes To

@Fashiondoctor19: This man has really tortured this lady. I pray she would be free from his wicked acts soonest

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