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I named Wizkid superstar before he became one- Banky W brags

Banky W, a singer, actor, and director, has spoken up about how he envisioned Wizkid as a “superstar” before he became one.

“I am happy of what Wizkid is achieving,” he remarked during a radio interview uploaded on Instagram. I named his debut album ‘Superstar’ because I wanted people to think of him as a superstar rather than the up-and-coming performer he was at the time.”

“That is why investing in people is a wonderful idea. We played a minor role in their early days, but look at what he (Wizkid) is now accomplishing for others. Finding one’s voice as an artist is crucial. Anyone can adopt anything, but one should strive to be the best version of oneself. That’s what I’ve found to be effective.”

Asked why he shut down his record label , he answered: “I think that was the best thing for us. I think we had done the label part and the majority of those who were under the label found their feet in the industry when they were with us. As far back as 2016, I knew I didn’t have the energy for managing an active label. A year after I shut down the record label, I focused more on working with corporate clients.’’

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