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His existence cannot be in vain’ Actress Mercy Johnson reacts to death of 12-year-old student of Dowen college

Mercy Johnson, a Nollywood actress, has reacted to the death of Sylvester Oromon, a 12-year-old Dowen College student who was allegedly beaten to death for refusing to join a cult.

On Wednesday, the story went viral on social media after a Twitter user claiming to be the boy’s cousin recounted his version of events.

He said that the student was killed after he refused to join a cult group after being approached by some lads.

The school’s management, in a statement released on Wednesday, December 1st, refuted the charges, claiming that the boy was hurt while playing football with his classmates.

Mercy Johnson reacted to this by writing on her Instagram page that she was shocked by the viral video and that she had never witnessed such suffering and agony before.

While sympathizing with the deceased’s family, Mercy Johnson said Sylvester Oromi’s life would not be in vain, and the school management needs to provide answers to the parents’ questions.

Mercy Johnson also urged parents with their children in the school to find out what had happened in the school as the truth must prevail.

She wrote: A child died! A young healthy 12-year-old child died!!! I just watched the shocking video of the young 12 year old student Sylvester Oromoni. I have never seen such pain and agony before.

I deeply sympathize with Sylvester Oromoni’s family. There are no words that can bring him back or take away the agony faced.

His existence can never be in vain. Dowen College, Sylvester’s parents need answers, the plain truth! Dowen PTA find out what happened in your children’s school. The truth must come out.. and after it comes out we must make sure justice is done.

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