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Actress Ini Edo at war with her alleged baby daddy

Nollywood actress, Ini Edo, is said to be at odds with her purported baby daddy Kome over her connection with her young lover Ifeanyi.

This comes only hours after Ini Edo confirmed the birth of her child and explained why she chose surrogacy to realize her ambition of becoming a mother.

Ini Edo still wants to stay with her youthful boyfriend Ifeanyi, according to Instagram blogger Cutie Julls, and is no longer interested in the connection with baby daddy. Despite this, he had refused to let Ini have her way.

According to the blogger, Ini Edo is covertly organizing a trip to the Maldives for herself and Ifeanyi, but he (Ifeanyi) isn’t interested due to Kome’s threats.

The post: Wahala be like bicycle.. So on the continuation of our first-hand gist…Oga Kome who is Ini Edo’s baby daddy or sperm donor since that’s what she wants to call him, dey threatened youngster Ify up and down

Ini on the other hand, has been bombarding her small boy lover, with phones and texts even tho Ify insists he doesn’t want babydaddy [Kome] Wahala.

Ini has even gone to the extent of solely sponsoring a beacation for herself and Ify in Maldives. Na Ify dey do shakara say him no wan go cuz Kome sounds very serious with his numerous warnings that Ify should stay away from Ini his babymama

Even though Ini has been giving Kome signs that she no wan do relationship again, Oga Kome is still standing his grounds that “No leave No transfer

Online in-laws, how we go dey solve this problem? Or you say if Ify doesn’t want to go to Maldives, he should just nominate one of us make we go chill in his place?

Na Oga Kome wife I dey pity in all this . Men Do you know that the poor lady even had to go and do her body etc but still our gbola wondering ozzband/babydaddy haff refused to keep his gbola in one place still nurturing his affection for Ini?

Abeg, wetin Eve give Adam to chop, biko? I no sure sey na ordinary apple. Wahala ear and dear

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