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Actor Timini Egbuson laments, about the fact he finds it difficult to cry as an actor

Timini Dakore, a suave actor, has confessed that shedding tears as an actor is difficult for him. In a recent interview on the ‘Tea with Taymesan’ podcast, the ‘Get me lit’ initiator revealed this.

“As an actor, I still haven’t figured out how to cry,” he says.

Nollywood actresses excel at sobbing. The pressure of working on a movie set makes it tough to cry at times. That needs to change in Nollywood. Crying isn’t the only technique to express an emotional breakdown.”

Further, the star of ‘The Breaded Life’ stated that some people still find it difficult to watch Nollywood films.

There are still those on the opposite side of the world who refuse to watch Nollywood movies. Because they’ve probably seen a few Nollywood films and aren’t happy, they assume we’re not good enough. It’s my mission to turn those individuals into Nollywood fanatics and lovers.”

Timini has appeared in films such as Elevator Baby, Dwindle, Juju Stories, and Isoken.

He teamed up with many actresses, including Jemima Osunde, Nick Mutuma, and Lerato Walaza, as well as performers from Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and Cote D’Ivoire, to help stem the spread of the fatal Coronavirus in April 2020.

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