‘There are times when it feels better to be broke.’ Cubana Chiefpriest, laments the difficulties of wealth.

Celebrity barman Pascal Okechukwu, also known as Cubaba Chiefpriest, has expressed his dissatisfaction with some of the issues that wealthy people encounter.

The celebrity Barman took to Instagram to share a snapshot of himself looking unhappy and likely going through a terrible period.

Cubana Chiefpriest thanked his 3.6 million Instagram followers, saying that it sometimes feels better to be broke.

The more money a person has or comes across, the more difficulties they see, according to Cubana Chiefpriest.

He wrote: 3.6 Million Amazing People, So Sweet But Damn Stressful, Sometimes It Feels Better Being Broke Because More Money You Come Across More Problems You See

Mercy Eke was praised by Cubana Chiefpriest, who said he is proud of her and that her progress brings him joy.

Cubana Chiefpriest claimed he is hungry for bride price and begged that a decent person would discover Mercy Eke, which may appear to be a joke.

He wrote: Am So Proud Of The Woman You Have Become @official_mercyeke Your Growth Gives Me So Much Joy, Nwanne NkeM, Ada Owerri, Anyi Ji Eme Onu.

I Gat You For Life, Happy Birthday Lambo Better Somebody’s Son Go Fund You One Day, Like This Na Better Bride Price Dey Hungry Me, Better One Oh !!