Simi react after being mocked for her reaction to an air host, who ‘faked awwned’ her daughter

Simi has replied after Nigerians mocked her for her reaction to an air host who ‘fake awwned’ her kid, Deja.

Gossipinfo news recall singer Simi recounts an interaction with an air host who gave her daughter, Deja, a fake vibe while on the plane, reactions are mixed.

The singer expressed her displeasure with the air presenter on Twitter, revealing that he fake awnned her daughter despite the fact that they had never asked for his greeting.

According to the singer, greeting a prominent figure is not required, even if he is not in the best of moods, but she is still trying to pass on the bad feelings to her kid.

In her opinion, the man would have felt the impact of what he did if not that she is working on her anger.

Following the several dragging, the singer revealed many close to her know her as a goofball, who takes things serious but for jokes. Unfortunately, all she did was drop an exciting story since she is a social media talker, and people went haywire.

In a series of expressions on Twitter, she vividly narrated the scenario again, stating the air host, who is a white man, barely looked at her baby while talking on the phone with someone; it was at that moment he said ‘awwn’ in a strangest way, which was kind of hilarious.

Speaking further, she said those attacking her are looking for reasons to be mad at her.

She wrote:

I actually want to address this seriously. Ok? I know I’m passionate about things I care about and I speak up about some of these things – I think this is why many people take EVERYTHING I say so seriously. But I’m a goofball. If you knew me KNEW ME, you wud love tf outta me.

I was like damn lemme drop gist. I had already been cruising on twitter at the time. Had I known. Lol. But Sorry oh…for anybody to think I was seriously mad at and insulting someone for “fake aw”, I definitely feel like you been wanting a reason to be mad at me

Because how?

It don’t make no sense. Think about it. Like Simi is Steammminnng because the aw was fake. Did I pay for real aww? Common

I no dey shalaye cos social media loves drama, but I want be able to joke and cruise without overthinking it. E jo e simi loro Simi. Ese o.