Popular skit maker, Lord Lamba brought his third Mercedes Benz in one year

Kelvin Anagbogu, also known as Lord Lamba, a prominent Instagram skit artist, has added a fresh new Mercedes Benz to his garage.

Photos of the new whip have surfaced on the internet, and it is claimed to be his third Mercedes Benz in less than a year.

Meanwhile, social media users have expressed mixed feelings over the decision to spend millions of naira on three luxury cars in a single year.

Others inquired if he previously had a home before purchasing many vehicles.

“Does any of these celebrities use the services of a financial adviser?” wrote dr morula. It appears that they all consider an automobile to be a valuable asset.”

“Hope say e dn build house,” feidobanks wrote.

“Hope he isn’t living in a rented apartment,” major cryptoqueen wrote.

“Typical Nigerian attitude,” olamiposi wrote. It’s evident that these small guys are competing.”

classic_bene_diction wrote, “This guy . You are calling EFCC on you. We know your skit can’t get this. Hmmmm”

See more photos below,