My father has never been the same after his “problem with the NDLEA,”late Baba Suwe’s son Adebowale revealed.

One of the sons of late comedy actor Babatunde Omidina, better known as Baba Suwe, Adebowale Omidina, has claimed that his father did not recover from his trauma at the hands of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency after he was falsely accused of dealing drugs in 2011.

His father’s illness, according to Adebowale, began after his drug-related encounter with the agency.

In his own words:

My father was a wonderful man. When I showed him his movies, he would start laughing and occasionally cry, asking if it was really him and if he would ever act again. I would soothe him and convince him that he would, simply to make him happy.

I can’t say this was the cause of my father’s illness, but he hadn’t been himself since his NDLEA incident. He used to wonder about his wife and about us, because he still told me a few days ago that he wasn’t sure whether he’d be with us for long, and I assured him that he would be.”