‘Motherhood makes some women become aggressive’ Reactions as Simi narrates an encounter with an air host and her baby, Deja

singer Simi recounts an interaction with an air host who gave her daughter, Deja, a fake vibe while on the plane, reactions are mixed.

The singer expressed her displeasure with the air presenter on Twitter, revealing that he fake awnned her daughter despite the fact that they had never asked for his greeting.

According to the singer, greeting a prominent figure is not required, even if he is not in the best of moods, but she is still trying to pass on the bad feelings to her kid.

In her opinion, the man would have felt the impact of what he did if not that she is working on her anger.

She wrote:

This air host guy really did one fake aww for Deja. Is it by force to say aw for baby. I did not greet you. She did not greet you. Why you fake aww my baby. God save you that I’m working on myself. Ko ko aw buruku danu.

The bye was nice. I forgive him

Reacting to this, many Nigerians have attacked the celebrity for such an insensitive but unnecessary post because someone tried to come close to her daughter. At the same time, others had wondered what Adekunle Gold through with her quick temper.

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@domingo_loso wrote: Simi calm down? How you take know say the “Awww” no be from em heart 😅😅

@vavdefinition wrote: This is absurd

@mzbernah wrote: Is she ok? She sounds really sad.

@zluvlyn wrote: Hope simi is fine. Ejoor e bawa check up on her. 🤦🏿‍♀️

@beedoll22 wrote: Crazy things are happening,Craaazy things are happeninggggg!!! Na wa ..You need some rest biko

@championfriz wrote: Is like motherhood makes some women become aggressive 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

@_am_fab wrote: Simi is doing too much these days. Abeg rest