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‘I have never show the negative part of my life on social media – Uche Ogbodo spill

Popular and attractive Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, has stated that she will never write about her negative side on social media for all to see and judge.

This was said by the single mother of two, who confirmed that celebrities do, in fact, live fictitious lives on social media to appease their admirers.
“I believe that a lot of social media lives are not what they actually are,” the 42-year-old actor added. People upload what they want the rest of the world to see.

So many people simply want the world to see a version of themselves that isn’t real. Even I will never put the unpleasant aspects of myself on the internet. Some people, on the other hand, are genuine to themselves because they share both their good and bad sides. Those individuals are not acting.”

The artist, who was born in Enugu State, also stated that she posts on social media based on her mood. “I upload posts dependent on how I feel,” she explained. I may not discuss unpleasant aspects of my life, but what I say is true. I am a genuine individual who dislikes misleading others or faking it till I make it. I’m a naturally cheerful person. As a result, I’d like to share photos of myself when I’m happy.”

People who advised others what to post on social media, according to Uche Ogbodo, had no authority to do so.
“People who tell people what to put online should mind their own business,” she remarked. You don’t direct people’s actions. I don’t appreciate it when people use the internet to act superior to others. Allow folks to be themselves and post whatever makes them happy. It’s their page, and it’s about them.”

Uche Ogbodo, who has been in the profession for almost 15 years, expressed her gratitude for having come so far. “It was hard when I first got into the profession because I was seeking for greatness and wanted to be highly known,” she remarked. There was no pleasure for it after that. One could only work and hope that things would improve. I’ve made a (well-known) name for myself today. I am fortunate. I’m still evolving, relevant, and receiving brand endorsements. I’m proud of how far I’ve progressed.”

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