Destiny Etiko lashes back at trolls who condemn her for buying costly car

Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko, has fought back at her critics who have chastised her for her extravagant car purchases.

Destiny Etiko stated mobility is a luxury but a necessity in an Instagram post, pushing her detractors to buy one if they aren’t broke.

People should stop commenting on Destiny Etiko’s Instagram page with nasty remarks, she said, because bitter spirits are constantly stagnant.

She wrote: Mobility is not a luxury, it’s a necessity…pls get one for yourself if you ain’t broke. And pls stop commenting bitter words on my page. wwudd unlimited. Bitter souls are always stagnant. Just so you know.

News recall Destiny Etiko, an award-winning Nollywood actress who just purchased a multi-millionaire property to celebrate her 32nd birthday, has put another feather to her cap.

The Enugu-born actress has continued to post sexually explicit images of herself on social media.

Destiny Etiko recently showed off a new SUV she purchased.

The actress captioned a snapshot of the SUV on Instagram this afternoon, “Just because I am privileged and loved.”