Davido’s logistic manager Isreal DMW disgrace 30BG crew in Dubai

According to a new web claim, Dubai police have detained Isreal DMW, Nigerian artist Davido’s logistics manager.

Isreal DMW was arrested after becoming inebriated and starting a brawl with some people, according to Instagram blogger Cutie Julls.

According to the article, Davido and his legal team were able to rapidly negotiate Israel’s release and were forced to sign a bond of good behavior in the UAE, or face serious legal consequences if he misbehaved again.

The blogger wrote: so Na so Dubai Police arrested this one for Dubai. Reliable information reaching us is that, he got stupo drank and started fighting.

His boss and his legal team were able to quickly secure his released and he’s been made to sign a bond of good behaviour or his next misbehaviour in the UAE might attract more serious consequences with the law.

This is not the first time Isreal DMW has been caught in such a messy of drinking to stupor and publicly disgracing the 30BG crew, which has generated reactions from social media users.

yimijay123 wrote: If alcohol gets him like always, then it’s high time he stopped or minimize its intake to the barest minimum

pweety_barbie11 wrote: Village people at work

magierosado wrote: This one always disgracing his crew

itsfyne wrote: But why can’t Israel just stay off alcohol since it is difficult for him to manage himself? This is getting too much and not nice again