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Bobrisky warn famous prankster, Zfancy for posting his video without his permission

Controversial crossdress Idris Okunneye, popularly Bobrisky, has warned Zfancy, a well-known Nigerian prankster, to remove a video of him circulating the internet from his platforms.

Zfancy played a practical joke on Bobrisky by accusing him of stealing his money, generating such a ruckus that he nearly fell off his heels.

With the video still making ripples on the internet, Bobrisky has begged Zfancy to remove his film, which he claims was released without his permission.

If Bobrisky did not remove the videos from his sites, he threatened to have Zfancy imprisoned or declare war on the couple.

Bobrisky wrote: @zfancytv pls take down my video off all your platform asap else I will get you arrested. You didn’t get my permission before you sent out my video. @ktsele1 tell ur people to take down my video down ASAP. Else you all are looking for war. Pls @mazitundeednut pls kindly help me take down d video down too,I wasn’t told before d video was sent out. That was absolutely rubbish !!!!!. I should be aware of ur content before you push it out there.

Bobrisky later recounted what happened between him and Zfancy in a following article, claiming that his friend Kevin Olu had invited him to a business meeting at a hotel to discuss a business venture, only for him to be pranked by Zfancy.

He wrote: Guys anywhere you see the video upladed, pls help me report the page asap. Let me quickly explain what happen to you guys to you all, ktsele called me that he wanted to see me for a business meeting at intercontinental hotel that one of his friend want to meet me for a brand influencing.

I went to see him only for me to be pranked by zfancy I wasn’t okay with the whole bullshit I told Kelvin about it. He said I should calm down that he will talk to those guys not to post the video. At the end of the day, they were able to talk me in that they will let me see d video first before they upload bla bla it, only for me to just see my video flying everywhere yesterday.

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