Tiwa Savage and her blackmailer made a mistake by making the tape available to the public – Dencia spill

Dencia Cameroonian-born singer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer Reprudencia Sonkey has also been involved in the Tiwa Savage video incident.

For the outspoken singer, she took to Twitter to vent her dissatisfaction with Tiwa Savage, her Blackmailer, and her PR team for not selling the controversial video to p0n sites and making more money in the process.

Dencia wrote, ” Tiwa Savage and her mailer weren’t business people. Her body, her choice. Should have sold the tape to a p0rn company or blackmailer should have sold it too and gotten more money. Now, they are both losing because the tape is out there free. Her PR wasn’t smart.”
“If Africa wasn’t such a lawless continent, people will know that u can’t brag about having some1’s s3x tape or releasing it. In America & Europe, that’s jail & civil lawsuit. How can another woman be bragging about having another woman’s video?giving Obsessed w her Vagina much”

Dencia continued in subsequent tweets, “The fact that broken people are encouraging another broken idiot to bully, harass & intimidate another women, some Africans really ain’t shit. A man hurt u, didn’t love u, now u wanna use that hurt against another women because u see she is loved by the men..man y’all wilding.”

“The internet is a sad place full of hurt, hungry & broken souls, don’t let them consume you. Pray for urself, pray for ur loved ones & peace. If u ain’t on here monetizing folks, just don’t put ur life out there. Someone plays with u, defame or billy u, drag them to court.”